Custom designs on the garment of your dreams!

From concept development to printing, Angry Tooth can handle it all in-house. While we are always more than happy to use any art you have in mind for your product (provided there is no copyright infringement), Angry Tooth specializes in custom designs. Below is an example of our sketch-to-product process, please feel free to take a look at other garments created under the angry tooth logo on our etsy page!

A peek into the development process of a average Angry Tooth T. Original Doris the Barbarian concept art by J.Swank herself, taken further and fine-tuned in the hand-painted acetates used to burn the 3 screens (1 screen used for each of the 3 different ink colors). Finally, the finished Tshirt- 3 colors of printed ink with an additional 2 colors hand-painted to make this limited edition piece.

So you want to print a tshirt?

After finalizing your choice of design (need help? Angry Tooth Graphic Design & Illustration Dept is here for you!), there are 3 factors in determining how much your print run is going to cost: How many shirts? What kind of shirts? And finally (for you- but the first consideration for us!) how complex is your design/ how many colors?

Angry Tooth charges a $25 setup fee per screen. Each color/ design you want printed takes 1 screen. So a shirt printed in 1 color with designs on the front and back would require 2 screens, a 2-color design printed on just the front would also take 2 screens. 2 color designs on both the front and back would take 4 screens... you get the idea.

Production and labor is $5 per shirt. There is a price break if you order more than 50 shirts.

Individual blank shirts have a wide range in price depending on the cut, color and quality. They can be as cheap as $1 for a standard Gildan T -- or quite a bit more if you're looking to print on Made in the USA 100% organic cotton. Larger shirt orders generally get a wholesale price break, but only for a large order of the same size/ cut/ color.

All these details can definitely get a little confusing- Please contact us for our shirt guide and standard price list or with any other questions you might have! j.swank -at-