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Who makes this stuff?
ANGRYTOOTH was established in 2003 to pimp the work and activities of swank studios, a Portland, OR-based action-crew with a rotating cast of associates. Our motto: "We do stuff." All items featured on angrytooth.com are original and the intellectual property of the artist. Please don't steal, as it impacts our abilities to do things like feed ourselves and pay rent. This site is maintained by j.swank, who welcomes feedback & suggestions.

Do I have to use Paypal?
No, you can mail a money order or check (this will add up to two weeks shipping, until the check clears) to *. All payments MUST be in US dollars.... or gold bullion, whichever you prefer.

I see shipping is included in the price -- if I order more than one item, can I get a break on shipping?
Depends on what it is you're ordering -- contact j.swank -at- angrytooth.com to find out!

How soon will I get it?
Two to four weeks.

But I need it sooner!
We are always happy to make arrangements for rush orders, gift wrapping, or any other special needs you might have in regards to shipping. Please email me at j.swank@angrytooth.com.

How do you ship?
First class with delivery confirmation through the US Postal Service.

Do you have a return policy?
Due to the made-to-order nature of our items, we do not accept returns.

Made to order? Does that mean you can personalize or custom design something for me?
Absolutely! Just drop me a line at j.swank@angrytooth.com and we can discuss your idea!

How faithful to the picture will my item be?
Pretty close, but keep in mind that these items are all crafted individually by the artist, and so each have their own personalities.

I'd like to support a local business and buy the stuff I see on angrytooth.com- do you sell offline?
Some of the items on the website are sold elsewhere, such as independently owned shops in Portland, OR (Meticon Bikes) or craft fairs (Crafty Wonderland, Handmade Bazaar and the like) and zine symposiums (Portland & elsewhere). Get on our mailing list to know where we may strike next. If you would like to carry angrytooth, please contact j.swank for wholesale/ consignment information.